Hola Comunidades/Hello Communities

This is one of nature's great sedatives para que nos relajemos

Hola, this is my new blog to consult with folks in our communities about connecting with la Madre Tierra in our daily lives, in connecting with herbs to improve our health, and to care for each other.

Please know, Querid@s, I am not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice,  so you need to double check any information contained here with your physician, given the war by the American Medical Assoc against the use of herbs as medicine.  This information is for educational purposes, to help us all take responsibility and some level of autonomy for our health and well being.  Herbs and nutrition have been used for thousands of years in all our cultures – Asian, Indigenous, African, in the Americas, the islands all over, in Europe, and they will continue to be used.  AND, they have been shown to be useful in strengthening the bodies of all two and four footed beings.  We as animals, all our cousins and us humans have been in tune with herbs and plants that have provided nutrition for us over the millions of years have all evolved together, so it makes perfect sense that we would help each other, provide health for each other.

Allopathic or western biomedical medicine is also useful to deal with crisis, but if we stop and breathe, listen to our bodies, our hearts and our world, practice prevention and sustainable development and living, treat each other with the respect and love we all deserve, we won’t have so many crisies but will rather live more in harmony with our world, our selves and each other!

So, let’s make this truly interactive, a collective space where we can honor the earth, each other and share information and skills so we can all live better, freer and more creative lives!  ¿Que no?  Peace in and out, ¡Mi Gente!


Thanks so much for checking out my blog & taking the time to comment on it. I will respond to your comment as soon as possible! Muchas gracias por darle un vistazo a mi blog y por comentar sobre el. Le responderé a su comentario tan pronto posible!

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