Dealing with cancer

This book is a great resource on how to use nutrition and herbs to help the body heal from cancer.  I provide some excerpts below, and I highly recommend it.  Though it primarily deals with  breast cancer, the nutrition and herbal remedies part can be applied in facing other kinds of cancer.  Your comments are of course always welcome.  Peace in and out!

From Susun Weed’s Breast Cancer? Breast Health!  The Wise Woman Way. 1996. Woodstock, NY:  Ashtree Publishing

p. 267-68 – “Astragalus (membranaceus, mongolicus hoantchy) Enhances immune system (restores T-cell function, increases interferon synthesis, strengthens killer cells); invigorates, builds rich blood; protects lungs; protects and restores bone marrow; improves appetite, protects against stress (protects spleen, adrenal cortex and pituitary gland); relieves lymphedema; lowers high blood pressure, anti-tumor; and anti-inflammatory.”

“Lifespan is significantly increased when astragalus is used as a complementary medicine with chemotherapy or radiation treatment, as is frequently the case in China.”

Astragalus has been used for thousands of years in China.

p. 281 – “Pau d’arco – Tabbebuia serratofolia, avellandedae, heptaphylla and others” Called taheebo or lapacho, this herb grows in South America, specifically Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and in the Andes.  The dried inner bark or the leaves are used and it shrinks tumors, helps the immune system work well (even at very low doses), prevents damage from chemotherapy, increases red blood cell count, is anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobal, antiparasitic, antiviral.  It has been integrated into Argentina’s and Brazil’s Western medicine system to treat cancer.

“Brazilian healers say taheebo brings remission of pain in hours, remission of symptoms within a few weeks, and remission of cancer within months.  Pau d’arco is a cherished herbal ally for those dealing with complications after surgery or the side effects of chemotherapy, as well as those interested in actively preventing recurrence.  In laboratory tests pau d’arco suppressed tumor formation, inhibited solid tumors, and weakened or killed most cancer cells.  It is unusual in that it contains two strong immune system tonics – anthraquinones and napthaquinones.”

“Toxicity: Nausea and diarrhea occasionally accompany moderate doses.  With very high doses, metabolic disturbances, anemia, and loss of vitamin K may occur, but are self-limiting.”

The pau d’arco tea can be purchased at a health food store, I recommend Traditional Medicinals – (they are not paying me to advertise, okay?).




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