Thinking abundance, looking at Haiti

This was eye opening entry in Wikipedia to me, combating the racist lies we hear about how barren Haiti is, so we must send international aid that never arrives, as in the case of the Red Cross or the armed to the teeth UN forces.  Haiti needs real aid – solidarity, love, backing up the efforts by Haitian communities to build autonomy, self sufficiency and sustainability!

Food Plants of Haiti

Index of Plants

Okra, Lady’s Fingers

Gru Gru Palm, Macaw Palm

Agave, Century Plant



Chives, Onion Chives

Barbados Aloe

Lemon Verbena


Sugar Apple, Sweetsop

Guanabana, Soursop

Cachiman, Bullock’s Heart

Peanut, Groundnut

Mexican Poppy




Cocorite, Maripa Palm

Carambola, Starfruit

Coco Macao



Guinea Arrowroot, Sweet Corn Root, Tambu, Lerenes, Topitambo, Topinambur, Toule, Nambours

Indian Shot

Peruvian Pepper

Bonnet Pepper, Squash Pepper

Pawpaw, Papaya


Star Apple, Caimito

Satin Leaf, Damson Plum

Watermelon (see the pic!)

Seville Orange or Bitter Orange


Pummelo, Pomelo



Arabian Coffee


Smooth Snakebark

Calabash, Calabash Tree


Globe Artichoke


Three-Flowered Beggarweed

Greater Yam, Ube

West Indian Chickweed

Field Horsetail

Sawtooth Coriander, Culantro

Kangkong, Water Spinach

Sweet Potato, Batata

Physic Nut, Purging Nut

Yellow Velvetleaf

Barbados Cherry, Acerola

Common Mallow, Dwarf Mallow

Dwarf Mallow

Mamey or Mammee Apple, Abricot, Mammea


Cassava, Manioc, Tapioca

Black Balata, Chicle, Ausubo

Bead Tree, Cape Lily

Spanish Lime, Mamoncillo, Genip

Four O’Clock Plant

White Mulberry

Korean Mulberry

Red Mulberry


Adder’s Tongue Fern

Indian Fig

Panizo Cauchin, Sowi Millet

Shirley Poppies

Pellitory of the Wall

Passion Fruit, Purple Passion Fruit

Water Lemon, Yellow Granadilla

Bullrush Millet, Pearl Millet

Avocado, West Indian Avocado

Year Bean

Frogfruit, Lippia

Field Pea, Grey Pea

Sirapotta Gida, Chinese Plantain

Common Purslane, Pigweed

Portulacaceae – More Information on Portulaca oleracea [89], Portulca retusa [90] [91] or Portulacasp. [92]

European Plum

Wine Palm, Cherry Palm



Red Currant




Puerto Rican Royal Palm


Canadian Elderberry

Choko, Chayote

Yellow Bristle Grass

Common Wireweed

Charlock, Field Mustard

Lance-Leaf Greenbrier

Pea Aubergine, Turkey Berry



Nasturtium, Indian Cress

Water Celery, Wild Celery

Sweet Violet, English Violet

Tannia Spinach

Corn, Maize


Coolie Plum, Jujube Tree, Indian Jujube

The following are plant species that still still need additional verification for inclusion as food plants of Haiti. I am presenting them here so others may help me by providing more information.

Pouteria dominigensis (The number of synonyms for this family is massive. I have also found Jocuma listed as – Sideroxylon foetidissimum – See Cuban Dry Forests) (Jocuma) Sapotaceae – More Information on Pouteria sp. [122]

Geonoma interrupta (There is little documentation on this plant except for some references on Latin American websites that didn’t give much detailed information. There is no doubt that there is a food plant named Chonilla. Whether it is this particular species remains to be confirmed.) (Chonilla) Arecaceae – More Information on Geonoma sp. [123]

Mentha spicata – also known as Mentha nemorosa (The preferred scientific name of this plant belonging to the Mint Family appears to be [Mentha spicata (Large Apple Mint) Lamiaceae – More Information on Large Apple Mint [124]

Coccothrinax argentea (Silver Palm, Silver Thatch) Arecaceae – More Information on Silver Palm or Silver Thatch [125]

Calyptronoma plumeriana (Barbados Gooseberry) Cactaceae – More Information on Barbados Gooseberry [126]

Thrinax radiata (Guanillo) Arecaceae – More Information on Guanillo [127] or Thrinax sp. [128]

Chamissoa altissima Amaranthaceae – More Information on Chamissoa altissima[129]


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