Iron Rich Foods and Anemia

Looks like blood vessels, right? That is what they work on and they are called signatures that plants communicate to us!

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Here is some good information to power up your blood and your animo, let me know if this is useful and clear!  I think the list of foods and their iron content is especially useful, and as you can see, kelp is supreme, but I guess not from the Gulf of Mexico right now with all the slimy toxic oil!

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Weed, Susun S.  1986.  Herbal for the Childbearing Year. Woodstock, NY: Ash Tree Publishing, pp. 35-36.

“Iron Deficiency Anemia”

“Iron is found in every cell in the body, but the amount present is most easily calculated from a blood sample.  If the hemoglobin count of the blood sample is a 12 or less, then a deficiency of iron is said to exist.  It is possible that many diagnoses of iron defiency anemia during pregnancy are a result of misinterpretation of the body’s natural physiological changes while pregnant, and that lower hemoglobin levels, especially during the second trimester when the blood volume increases sharply, are normal.  Ferrous sulphate is commonly prescribed to prevent and correct iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.  There are many reasons to avoid it:  ferrous sulphate is poorly absorbed (only 10-30%); it stresses the organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, intestines) which must process it out of the body; it is very constipating; it may cause indigestion; miscarriages have been associated with its use; and it may irritate the kidneys and cause them to break down.  The following herbs have none of these detrimental side effects and work more effectively than ferrous sulphate to raise the hemoglobin level of blood.”

Yellow Dock Root – the yellow roots of many rumex species, prepared as a decoction, syrup, or tincture, provide an excellent, fully absorbable, non-constipating source of iron.  To prevent anemia, use one tablespoon of decoction or 25-40 drops of the tincture daily.  If anemia is present, use the same dosage, but take it three times a day.  Yellow Dock root is commonly used by herbalists to replenish hemoglobin after a hemorrhage.”

“Other herbal sources of iron include Parsley, Nettles, Amaranth greens, Dandelion root, and Kelp.”

“Best food sources of iron are liver, leafy greens, beets, oysters, heart and tongue.”

“Vitamin C aids in assimilation of iron.”

“Avoid coffee, (black)tea, excess bran, alkalinizers, and phosphates; they inhibit absorption of iron.”

Haas, Elson M, M.D.  1992.  Staying Healthy with Nutrition  The Complete Guide to Diet & Nutritional Medicine.  Berkeley, CA:  Celestial Arts, p. 201.

Foods Most Concentrated in Iron –

about 4 oz=mgs. Iron/100 g

Kelp –      100.0


Yeast         17.3


Molasses    16.1=

Wheat Bran 14.9


Seeds        11.2


Seeds        10.5

Wheat Germ  9.4

Beef Liver    8.8


Seeds           7.1

Millet           6.8

Parsley          6.2

Clams           6.1

Almonds       4.7

Dried Prunes 3.9

Cashews       3.8

Lean Beef      3.7

Raisins          3.5

Brazil nuts    3.4


Articokes      3.4

Beet Greens  3.3

Swiss Chard  3.2

Walnuts        3.1

Dates           3.0

Pork             2.9


Soybeans     2.7

Pecans         2.4

Eggs            2.3

Lentils         2.1

Peanuts       2.1

Lamb           1.9

Tofu            1.9

Green Peas  1.8

Brown Rice  1.6

Ripe Olives  1.6

Chicken       1.5

Artichokes   1.3

Mung Bean

Sprouts        1.3

Salmon         1.2

Broccoli         1.1

Whole Wheat

Bread            1.1

Califlower     1.1


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