Ethno Botany, here we go!

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At the suggestion of my dear brother friend Paul from Tucson, I want to share and chronicle my work in ethno botany over the coming years.

I have applied for, and been accepted to the doctoral program in the Earth & Environmental Sciences Department of the City University of New York (CUNY) for the Fall Semester of 2012.  I follow in the proud foot steps of my ancestors – my great, great, great grandfather, my uncle, my mother, the communities and people who honor La Madre Tierra, who spin the powers of nurturing creation and hold the powers of destruction at bay.

I’m very excited about this work, about the learning I will do and about how I can continue to integrate my politics of resistance and community work into this project of respect for our cultures, for community autonomy, and the healing powers of La Madre Tierra.  And how we can figure out concrete ways to resolve our contradictions and harmonize our ways of living and and existing in the world that goes beyond oppression, as we imagine new worlds, new lives and new relationships in the midst of all that.  With each other, with La Madre Tierra, with our communities, with ourselves.

I feel that I have been getting ready to do this project for the past 6 years of gardening, studying herbs, understanding the relations between all of us y la Madre Tierra, the wisdom of Native/Aborigen communities.  But really the past 18 through community organizing, popular education, writing, building, working with the land, and living resistance together in our communities.  I have had and still do! great teachers and compas in this struggle, in figuring out this vortex, this point of fusion.  It has been a long rode/road (K se hace en el andar!) to reach this point of understanding, this synthesis of my studies in the academy and in community, our understandings of communities, liberation, diminishing the hold oppression has on us and on/of myself /in my body as we all work toward transformation toward the world we all want.

This point of fusion, this point of clarity, of returning to la Madre Tierra, to mi Matria, Colombia, to the land that simultaneously nurtured and pushed me out,

or was it me or the politics of no dejar respirar?

When I was in Colombia last, I was deeply deeply moved by the energy of vibrant green biodiversity, the soil, the resilience, the creative  resistant richness and construction of cultural, linguistic, heart autonomy of the communities who are suffering unspeakable brutality, and I was convinced that this is where I need to be.  I was moved by the mountains, by the humming of the earth, the drumming of the communities, the fierce, fierce resistance in the midst of yet another unique no tan común y corriente racist–>capitalist–>misogynist–>homo hating bloody near genocide.

Seeing with internationalist eyes and heart the rape of la Madre Tierra and her people through its rapacious demand and it’s implementation for more and more capital in the hands of the very few rich hoarders is clear in the South Bronx, in El Barrio, in Bogotá, in el Choco, in Cauca, targeting the richest communities in culture, resistance, wisdom/sabiduria.  Which means the demand of tuning in to that is where I want to be, because why else would neoliberalism be so hell bent in destroying it?  Que culpa tengo yo que mi sangre es roja, y mi corazon hacia la izquierda.

Work, conversations grounded in concrete realities, very peopled realities is what I’m seeking, to do this project together, to see deeply into living creation on the daily, to understand with folks who have not lost the way, la conexion con la Madre, with each other, as we relearn communities.

To be in constant action for justice today, now.

I can’t wait to dialogue and share!


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