Mental health, gun violence and hypocrisy

It is clear that these three provide for a lethal combo for our people and I do think that it is a problem that some lives are considered more precious than others.  Where is the discussion of the gun violence of the police, as they kill too many people in our neighborhoods with their gun-toting ways as the only legit carriers and users of deadly unaccountable force, not by us, because we know, but by the gun-control types who claim dictatorial powers.  So, to be clear, I’m not buying the hype that traditionally seen mentally ill folks are the gun toters, I think we have to re-define mental illness to include the NRA, politicians who kill with drones or armies, and people who think capitalism is great.  Just to be clear.

I personally don’t like guns, I really don’t see the use value of them, because just like with the most recent 9/11, the constant bombings of Libya, Bahrain, the South Sudan, Colombia, the disappeared from Mexico and Central America as they are lured to cross to el Norte by the very oppressive system that made conditions in their home countries unlivable, the ones who put up the dead sacrificed bodies, la carne de cañon, are neva eva the guilty.

The ones who are legitimated to buy the hardware, to pull the trigger, or release the bombs, or not-so-precisely-remotely pilot the drones are, could be ur aim, dude.  So, it is always an issue of access, an issue of lana, plata quemada as the movie says, of who is legitimated as the law-and-order oppressors, as the rest of the world is considered the terrorists.  As the people in Northern Mali can tell you right this very moment as the up-to-the-minute/el ultimo modelo sophisticated French war planes bomb the desert people, the colonizers can never eva give up their habits and controlling ways.  And they always seem to have the latest killing hardware that is never eva precise enuf not to kill unarmed people, could be ur aim dude.  Course, when you consider every one a militant in counter insurgency wars of the 21st century, as ridiculous as that thought that always pops into my head when I think about this century, Duck Rodgers in the 21st century!, not to make light of the deadly game, I guess your ass is covered by the shear veneer of legitness through which every one else smells that putrid smell that is el vacío where some semblance of a heart used to be.  Or maybe never was.

How many more killings, anti-selfdetermining bombings, cahinging rings the warprofiteers’ cash registers make is it gonna take before we end the madness and realize that killing solves little, but then we already know that.  We drive the killing machine in a rapacious voracious feeding frenzy through capitalism (thanks, Espe), because what, we hate ourselves and maybe if we just kill so many others, one more, one more, u swear, or 26, we can extinguish it in ourselves.  And if not, u have a pile of lana to fling and gamble some where.

What is it gonna take to celebrate and live sanity, every moment, in creating a breathing, sustainable, giving, loving world that holds all of us accountable?

Some space to think and reflect (gracias Lisa!), more resistance out of delirious people who love life and each other, less teeth sucking at each other, more compassion, as we fiercely fight hate, and transform it to compost.

Que no?


Ascending Monserrate, pensando en mi Mamita


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