Celebrating/Festijando a Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde’s 82nd Birthday Celebrated at Hunter College, NYC Feb 18, 2016

Celebración del cumple 82 de Audre Lorde en Hunter College, 18 febrero, 2016

Audre Lorde’s life and writing have a big influence on my life and my political formation and struggle.  I was just re-membering with Robert Vasquez-Pachecho and Laurel Mei Singh about all the good work Robert and several gay male bodied people and I did together back in the day with the Audre Lorde Project.

La vida de Audre Lorde y sus escritura tienen una influencia clave en mi vida y mi formación política y lucha.  Justamente estaba acordandome con Robert Vasquez-Pachecho y Laurel Mei Singh del trabajo bueno que Robert y varias personas de cuerpo masculino gay y yo hicimos dias atras con el Audre Lorde Project.

silence broken 2

Every day, I am driven by Audre Lorde’s words to speak truth to power, and I have been able to use that to the fullest extent as I fight a certain higher education institution’s racist allegations against me, after I was illegally fired last year, as a part-time contingent labor person, or adjunct.  So that hearing is Monday, and the next day is another hearing at NYC Housing Court to fight the landlord who for 3 going on 4 years has been trying to evict me, and other rent stabilized tenants from our building in El Barrio.

Cada dia, las palabras de Audre Lorde me impulsan para decir la verdad frente al poder, y últimamente las uso hasta niveles aun más profundos mientras lucho contra las acusaciones racistas en mi contra por cierto sistema de educación de pos grado después de que me hecharon ilegalmente el año pasado, como trabajardxrx de tiempo medio, o de mano de obra contingente.  Entonces esa audencia es el lunes, y el dia proximo me toca otra frente a la Corte de Vivienda de Nueva York para luchar contra el dueño de mi bildin en sus esfuerzos de 3 hasta los últimos 4 años en desplazarme, y lxs otrxs inquilinxs de renta estabilizada en El Barrio.

Gracias por todo el cariño, la solidaridad y el respaldo hasta el momento.  Por fa mandenme amor y luz, y esa energia warrior, dicho que Audre Lorde vive tan bien,  el lunes y martes entrante!

Thanks for the love, solidarity and support up to now.  Please send love and light, and guerrera energy,the same one that Audre Lorde exemplifies so well, this coming Monday and Tuesday!


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  1. Posted by V Spike Peterson on February 26, 2016 at 1:23 am

    strength be with you, as ever! sending my love 🙂

    V Spike Peterson, Professor of International Relations, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ http://sgpp.arizona.edu/user/v-spike-peterson Affiliated status in Dept of Gender and Women’s Studies, International Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, and Center for Latin American Studies

    Recent articles: ‘Sex Matters: A Queer History of Hierarchies.’ 2014 International Feminist Journal of Politics; ‘Antagonizing’ the Marriage Debate. 2014. Hysteria #4 (Oct); ‘Family Matters: How Queering the Intimate Queers the International.’ 2014 International Studies Review.

    On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 11:24 AM, Finca del Pueblos Blog wrote:

    > fincadelpueblo posted: ” Audre Lorde’s 82nd Birthday Celebrated at Hunter > College, NYC Feb 18, 2016 Celebración del cumple 82 de Audre Lorde en > Hunter College, 19 febrero, 2016 Audre Lorde’s life and writing have a big > influence on my life and my political formation and struggle” >



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