Hasta La Vista, Brother Kittie Diego



Lounging in the boudoir img00081-20111116-1916

Up close and personal – 20151026_202520What a sweetie kittie friend, Diegito was.  Death of any dear beings is heartbreaking to me.  I knew this day was coming the last two years.  We spent a nice time together, he, Ofelia and me the last six.  He always cozied up to company, he sat by to accompany me as I studied and worked,



and he often gave me hugs when I picked him up.  I never knew an animal who would put an arm around my neck (maybe Frida’s mico?).  He always looked/engaged me straight in the eye, except for the last day, he was feeling too bad.  20141126_214924

Ofelia and I will miss you dearly – the way you would dance and sing when you were about to get food in your bowl, the way you would snuggle up, the way would run to the door to greet all of us when we got home, the way you would run up to the bed when I would tap it and say Diiieeegooooo!  The way you and your sis Ofelia would snuggle up.

Que amigo gatito tan dulce fue ese Diegito.  La muerte de cualquier ser querido me rompe el corazon.  Sabia que llegaria este dia durante los últimos dos años.  La pasamos bien juntxs, el, Ofelia y yo, los últimos seis.  El siempre se acercaba cuando llegaba visita, se me acercaba pa acompanarme mientras estudiaba y trabajaba, y el muchas veces me daba abrazos cuando lo alzaba.  Nunca conoci tal animal quien me abrazara la nuca (quiza el mico de Frida?).  El siempre me miraba directamente en los ojos, excepto por el útimo dia, se sentia muy mal entonces.

Ofelia y yo te estrañaremos muchísimo – el modo que bailabas y cantabas justamente antes de que dieran de comer, el modo en cual te acercabas a dormir, como corrias a la puerta para saludarnos a todxs cuando llegabamos a casa, el modo que te subias corriendo a la cama cuando yo la tocaba duro y te decia Diiieeegoooo!  El modo que tu y tu hermana se acercaba a dormir.


Don’t make me get on my high horse about specieism.  I know animals are not human, though humans are animals, it is a continuum of consciousness, love and care, and I also think we need to radically re-think our relationships – the human<–>rest of our animal siblings, and with the rest of nature.

Ni me digas lo de la separación de los especies. Se que los animales no son humanos, aunque los humanos si son animales, es un continuo de conciencia, cariño y cuidado, y pienso que tenemos que repensar de modos profundos las relaciónes humana<–>con nuestros hermanxs animales, y  con el resto de la naturaleza.

img_20140118_213811  20151215_185525  20150824_124754


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  1. Posted by V Spike Peterson on September 30, 2016 at 4:47 pm

    sweet memories, sad goodbyes!! hugs to you, s

    V Spike Peterson, Professor of International Relations July-Dec 2016: Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Critical Global Politics, University of Manchester

    School of Government and Public Policy, Courtesy affiliations with the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, International Studies, and Center for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona,Tucson AZ 85721-0027 USA http://sgpp.arizona.edu/user/v-spike-peterson

    Recent publications: – Towards Queering the Globally Intimate. 2016. *Political Geography*. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.polgeo.2016.01.001 – Family Matters: How Queering the Intimate Queers the International. 2014. *International Studies Review* 16, 4: 604-608. – ‘Antagonizing’ the Marriage Debate. 2014. *Hysteria * #4 (Oct). Pp. 33-35. – Sex Matters: A Queer History of Hierarchies. 2014. *International Feminist Journal of Politics* 16, 3 (Sep): 389-409.

    On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 1:06 AM, Finca del Pueblo’s Blog wrote:

    > fincadelpueblo posted: “What a sweetie kittie friend, Diegito was. I knew > this day was coming the last two years. We spent a nice time together, he, > Ofelia and me. He always cozied up to company, and he often gave me hugs > when I picked him up. I never knew an animal who woul” >



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