¿La Paz en Colombia?/Peace in Colombia?!!


¿Llego la paz a Colombia?  Has peace really arrived in Colombia?  In this second stage of negociations, it appears so!  En esta segunda ronda de negociaciones, parace que si!

Sobre la primera ronda, quien vota contra la paz impulsadxs por la propaganda homofobíca, mentirosa y aterrorizadora de los sectores facistas en Colombia sobre una paz casi casi lograda?  Los medios, por mi visto, siempre han sido bien vendidos en Colombia, y aun el presidente de la familia de los medios no logro superar la propaganda derechista para que ganaría el no.

Referring to the first round, who votes against peace, driven by lying and terrifying homophobic propaganda by the fascist sectors in Colombia about a peace almost almost achieved?  The media, in my opinion, have always sold out in Colombia, and even the president of the family owners of some of those means couldn’t go beyond the rightist propaganda that won with the no.

Que lastima, pero hay una brecha en todo el mundo, para que los pueblos participen en su plenitud, algo que no pudieron mucho en las negociaciones excluyentes.  Sadly, there is a big divide throughout the world, between people and their participation in all of its fullness, something that wasn’t achieved in exclusionary negociations.

Time to read the new agreement and see.  Hora de leer los nuevos acuerdos a ver.

¡Los pueblos a las calles!  People flood the streets!  Nothing to lose but our chains/Nada más que perder que las cadenas atadoras!  ¡Gracias, Assata!  


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  1. Posted by V Spike Peterson on November 13, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    dear rafael – woe is me and so many… your pix brought some light, full moon energy and delight into the dark spaces of pondering our futures: thank you! thank you always for your loving vibrant healthy/healing energies! can’t say more (don’t know how) but glad for our connection and enduring solidarity… hugs to you so far across the pond (everyone is horrified here as well..)… spike

    PS after endless, joyful, heartfelt did i say endless labor, betts did not get elected again. this is sooooooo disheartening (like much else this week). have to say as well that i’m so amazed that she, and others who CARE (ie you), keep up such a soul-wrenching and deeply labor-intensive struggle… and I am so disheartened at the results. but onward, b/c we have to….

    V Spike Peterson, Professor of International Relations July-Dec 2016: Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Critical Global Politics, University of Manchester

    School of Government and Public Policy, Courtesy affiliations with the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, International Studies, and Center for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona,Tucson AZ 85721-0027 USA http://sgpp.arizona.edu/user/v-spike-peterson

    Recent publications: – Towards Queering the Globally Intimate. 2016. *Political Geography*. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.polgeo.2016.01.001 – Family Matters: How Queering the Intimate Queers the International. 2014. *International Studies Review* 16, 4: 604-608. – ‘Antagonizing’ the Marriage Debate. 2014. *Hysteria * #4 (Oct). Pp. 33-35. – Sex Matters: A Queer History of Hierarchies. 2014. *International Feminist Journal of Politics* 16, 3 (Sep): 389-409.

    On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 7:06 PM, Finca del Pueblo’s Blog wrote:

    > fincadelpueblo posted: ” Llego la paz a Colombia? Has peace really > arrived in Colombia? In this second stage of negociations, it appears so! > En esta segunda ronda de negociaciones, parace que si! Sobre la primera > ronda, quien vota contra la paz impulsadxs por la propagand” >



    • Dearest Spike, Thanks for your heart words, sending you warm intersectional revolutionary hugs. Times of terror for sure, but we have been living with lower level terror all these years too. Yes, tough times, and we are up to it in this time of opportunities and possibilities. Onward and outward, together! Hugs to betts, love you!



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