The Women’s March Continues Year Two of the Resistance to the Current Fascism/La Marcha de Mujeres Sigue con el año dos de la resistencia al facismo actual

Desde Ft. Worth, Texas con mi hermanita Teresita y sus compas/From Ft. Worth, Texas with my younger sister, Teresita and her buddies –

hasta yo en Nueva York, con mis cuates/to me in New York with my buds –

As Angela Y. Davis says in Freedom Is A Constant Struggle  Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of A Movement – “Since the rise of global capitalism and related ideologies associated with neoliberalism, it has become especially important to identify the dangers of individualism.  Progressive struggles–whether they are focused on racism, repression, poverty, or other issues–are doomed to fail if they do not attempt to develop a consciousness of the insidious promotion of capitalist individualism.  Even as Nelson Mandela always insisted that his accomplishments were collective, always also achieved by the men and women who were his comrades, the media attempted to sanctify him as a heroic individual.  A similar process has attempted to disassociate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from the vast numbers of women and men who constituted the very heart of the mid-twentieth century US freedom movement.  It is essential to resist the depictions of history as the work of heroic individuals in order for people today to recognize their potential agency as part of an ever-expanding community of struggle.”  Como nos cuenta Angela Y. Davis en La Libertad es una Lucha Constante  Ferguson, Palestina y la Fundación de un Movimiento – “Desde el surgimiento del capitalismo global y sus ideologias parecidas asociadas con el neoliberalismo, ha sido sumamente importante desarrollar una conciencia de los peligros del individualismo.  Luchas progresistas–sean enfocadas en el racismo, la represión, la pobreza, u otros asuntos–estan en peligro de fracasar si no buscan desarrollar una concientización del protagonismo insidioso del individualismo capitalista.  Aun Nelson Mandela siempre insistio que sus logros eran colectivos, a la vez que siempre fueron logrados por hombres y mujeres quienes eran sus compas, aunque los medios trataron de santificarlo como individuo heroico.  Un proceso parecido trato de desatar al Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. de las grandes cantidades de mujeres y hombres quienes eran el mero corazón del movimiento de libertad del medio del siglo XX.  Es clave resistir las representaciones históricas como el trabajo de individuos heroicos para que el pueblo hoy reconozca su agencia potencial como parte de una comunidad de lucha que siempre es más incluyente.”


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  1. Posted by V Spike Peterson on January 22, 2017 at 3:27 am

    dear Rafael – thought of you today, along with so many long-term (and more recent!) comrades in the ever so long struggles for justice… just wanted to say you would have loved being here today: Tucson turned out estimated 10,000 marchers! more than i’ve ever seen in a rally in my 25 years here. lots of energy that I/we can only hope long continues… given this horrific transition (yet not so ‘surprising’ really…) much love – spike

    V Spike Peterson, Professor of International Relations July-Dec 2016: Leverhulme Visiting Professor, Critical Global Politics, University of Manchester

    School of Government and Public Policy, Courtesy affiliations with the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Institute for LGBT Studies, International Studies, and Center for Latin American Studies, University of Arizona,Tucson AZ 85721-0027 USA

    Recent publications: – Towards Queering the Globally Intimate. 2016. *Political Geography* – Family Matters: How Queering the Intimate Queers the International. 2014. *International Studies Review* 16, 4: 604-608. – ‘Antagonizing’ the Marriage Debate. 2014. *Hysteria * #4 (Oct). Pp. 33-35. – Sex Matters: A Queer History of Hierarchies. 2014. *International Feminist Journal of Politics* 16, 3 (Sep): 389-409.

    On Sat, Jan 21, 2017 at 7:06 PM, Finca del Pueblo’s Blog wrote:

    > fincadelpueblo posted: “Desde Ft. Worth, Texas con mi hermanita Teresita y > sus compas/From Ft. Worth, Texas with my younger sister, Teresita and her > buddies – hasta yo en Nueva York, con mis cuates/to me in New York with my > buds – As Angela Y. Davis says in Freedom Is ” >



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