Siberian Fir Essential Oil/Aceite Esencial de abeto siberiano


My dear friend Katya brought me back this powerful essential oil from her visit to Mother Russia.  That was so thoughtful, as she knows I am very interested in Siberia, its aboriginal people and the rest of its nature (like Lake Baikal, the Trans-Siberian Railroad, the flora and fauna). She outdid herself, she translated the whole insert from Russian to English!  Friends are the best, for their thoughtfulness and solidarity!  Mi querida amiga Katya me trajo este aceite esencial poderoso cuando regreso de su visita a Madre Rusia.  Eso fue tan amable, como sabe que estoy tan interesadx en Siberia, su gente aborigen y el resto de la naturaleza (el Lago Baikal, el ferrocarril Trans-Siberiano, la flora y la fauna).  ¡Aun se supero en ser amable en traducir todo el inserto del ruso al ingles!  ¡Lxs amigxs son lo mejor, en su amabilidad y en su solidaridad!  It is below/sigue –

User’s Guide

Siberian fir – abies siberica produced by Aspera

100% Essential Oil

The Siberian fir is a coniferous evergreen tree up to 30 meters in height, with a narrow pyramidal crown. The trunk has a 60-cm diameter, with a smooth, dark-grey bark and a yellow-gray shoots. It is in the pine family. The cones are light-brown, cylindrical, and 5-6 centimeters in length; they disintegrate on maturity. The tree grows in soil that is not overly moist, up to 2000 meters above sea level, in Siberia and the northeastern part of European Russia.

Essential oil of Siberian fir is derived from the needles and young shoots using steam distillation. This essential oil contains no less than 40% bornyl acetate and 45% monoterpene hydrocarbons. Camphor (white crystal or powder form) can be extracted from Siberian fir essential oils. The oil is light, freely running, and colorless. The aroma is fresh, cool, and redolent of pitch and pine.

Effects: Essential oil of Siberian fir tones, increases endurance and active strength, reduces stress and chronic fatigue. It is an aid for frostbite. It improves the body’s function in cases of cough.

Cosmetically, it is used to tone, clean, and smooth the skin. It enlivens, increases the skin’s protective functions, and removes festering rashes. It removes the smell of sweat, especially heavy sweat of the feet, and can be used as a natural deodorant. It reduces dandruff and strengthens hair. The oil is a great deodorizing aroma for use in saunas and banyas.

Ingredients: 100% essential oil of Siberian fir, extracted through steam distillation.

Types of use:

Cold inhalation: Place 1-2 drops of essential oil into an aroma medallion or on a napkin, and breath in the aroma for 5-10 minutes.

Perfuming the air: Fill an aroma lamp with hot water, add 5-7 drops of essential oil for a 20m^2 area. Place a lighted candle in the lower compartment of the aroma lamp. The candle will keep the water warm. Do not allow water to boil. You must keep adding water periodically. The procedure can take 15-30 minutes.

Massage: Mix 3-5 drops of essential oil with 1-2 tablespoons of any plant-based oil (jojoba, peach, almond, etc.) or massage cream. Apply to skin, and then massage the affected parts of the body until the oil is completely absorbed.

Bath: Add 5-7 drops of essential oil to a bath of 37-38⁰ C water, along with one table spoon of emulsifier such as milk, honey, sea or cooking salt.   The bath should take 15-30 minutes. After getting out of the bath, do not rinse off, just towel dry.

Compress: Add 15-20 drops of essential oil to one liter of water at room temperature. Immerse a cotton cloth into the water, wring out slightly, and place the cloth on the affected part of the body. Cover with compress paper and then wrap with a warm cloth or shawl. Keep in place 30 minutes to 2 hours – the time should be increased gradually with use.

Cold compress for frostbitten areas: Mix 15 drops of essential oil with one tablespoon of any plant-based oil (the best for this purpose is macadamia). Place on the skin and wrap with a cloth to keep warm.

Mouth and nasopharynx rinse: Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to one-half cup of warm boiled water. Mix, rinse the mouth, and spit out all liquid. Do this in the mornings and evenings.

Oil mixes for cosmetic procedures: Add 1-2 drops of essential oil to a tablespoon of any plant-based oil (jojoba, peach seed, olive) and mix thoroughly. For care of the face and neck, dab a few drops of the oil mix on the tips of the fingers and massage into the face and neck with light massaging movements. For cleaning the face and neck, use a cotton pad moistened in warm water and wrung out. Place a few drops of the oil mix on the pad and wipe the skin.

General recommendations for usage of essential oils: Before starting to use an essential oil, it is necessary to conduct a test for allergic reactions: Mix one drop of oil with 1/3 teaspoon of plant-based oil and apply to the inner forearm or behind the ear. Put 2-3 drops of essential oil on a handkerchief and periodically inhale for the duration of one day. You may use the oil only if in the course of 12 hours you do no develop and allergic reaction on the skin, a headache, coughing, shortness of breath, running nose, or swelling of the face.


-Do not use undiluted.

-Not for internal use.

– You must follow recommended dosages. For children and the elderly, it is recommended to use 1/4 to 1/3 of the regular adult dose as described in the instructions.

– Avoid getting essential oil in the eyes. In case of contact with eyes or on mucus membranes you must wash it out with large quantities of water.

COUNTER INDICATIONS: Individual intolerance to the oil. Not for use by people with epilepsy, pyelonephritis (kidney infection), allergy ailments or bronchial asthma.

Not for use during pregnancy or for children under 3.

Essential oils that pair well with Siberian fir: Cinnamon, lime, bergamot, grapefruit, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lemon, lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus.

Storage: Store in tightly-closed bottles, between 15 and 25⁰ Celsius, out of reach of children.

Retail format: 10 mL bottle of dark glass

Use-by-date: Three years from production. (Date is on the container – remember that European date format is day/month/year not month/day/year).

Friends & Comrades Forever!/Amigxs y Compas de Siempre!

As we start a new year, I am grateful for all my friends and comrades.  These relationships and work are what gets us through and transforms the world!  Al inicio de un año nuevo, agradezco a todxs mi amigxs y compas.  Estas relaciones y trabajo son lo que nos llevan adelante y transforman al mundo!



Goodbye 2016, Gear Up for 2017!/¡Adios 2016, Prepa pa Luchar para el 2017!

Some great end of 2016 news – I won my housing court case, and I passed my second exam in my geography doctoral program at a still public university.  S0 many people are saying what a terrible year 2016 has been, but it has been a better year for me than last.  I made steady progress towards my degree, learned a lot, really got my field work going in Colombia, finally won my 4-year housing court fight, and I got a great new job at the College of Staten Island teaching introduction to geography to two huge classes of students.  And it’s not over yet!

Algunas noticias buenas al fin del 2016 – gane mi caso para mantener mi hogar, y pase mi segundo examen en el programa del doctorado de geografía en una hasta el momento universidad pública.  Mucha gente habla de que el 2016 fue un año tan terrible, pero para mi este fue mejor que el pasado.  Logre muchos avances hacia mi diploma, aprendi mucho, arranque con mi trabajo de campo en Colombia, por fin gane mi luchade 4 años para mantenerme en mi hogar en la corte de vivienda, y conseguí un trabajo regío en el Colegio de Staten Island donde enseño introducción a geografía a dos clases gigantezcas de estudiantes.  !Y aun no se ha acabado el año!

At the same time, I honor all the people who have been going through it, especially in Syria, and with the election of another even more oligarchic/plutocratic administration in the U.S.  This last one is full of opportunities to mobilize and build, and the former is a deep, deep reminder of the horrors of war.

And Colombia finally has a peace agreement that looks like it is here to stay.

A la vez, reconozco a toda la gente que no lo ha pasado bien, particularmente en Siria, y por medio de la elección de otra adminstración aun más oligárquico/plutocártiico en los Estados Unidos.  Esta última esta llena de oportundides para mobilizarnos y construir, y la primera nos da un profundísimo recuerdo de los horrores de las guerras.

Y Colombia por fin tiene acuerdos de paz que parecen que van a durar.

Gracias profundas a toda mi gente linda/In deep gratitude to all my dear people!  


Commemorating Another World AIDS Day/Comemorando Aun Otro Día Mundial del SIDA

Along with many people, I honor and remember today all the dear people who have died of AIDS throughout the world.  As Prince sings, those who died of a big disease with a little name (thanks Cesar Caballero for the youtube video).  Junto con mucha gente, yo recuerdo hoy a toda esa querida gente quienes murieron del SIDA .  Como canta Prince, para ellxs quienes murieron de tan grande enfermedad con nombre tan chiquito – .

It is tragic that disease is too often tied up with blame, and that has certainly been the truth with diseases that have are transmitted sexually, or with other stigmatized behavior, which often led to death.  HIV is a virus, but it quickly became a death sentence, in a real and social death sense in the 1980s.  It took six years for Ronald Reagan, the U.S. president, to even publicly utter that little name.  In the mean time, gay, lesbian, bi and trans people mobilized ourselves to do the job the U.S. government refused to do.  We built a movement, vestiges of which are still around even as capitalism tried to make it hungry for a little piece of the funding pie.  Denial and stigmatization is still around in some of the places most impacted by this virus.  It has been a while that other vulnerable populations – mostly poor women of color, in the global south, are the focus of this disease, but not the funding to combat it.

Es tragico que muchísimas veces atamos las enfermedades a la culpa, y dicho particularmente es cierto cuando esas enfermedades son transmitidas sexualmente, o por medio de otro comportamiento estigmatizado, que muchas veces significaban la muerte.  El VIH es un virus, pero prontico se volvio una sentencia de muerte, en sentido encarnado y social en los 1980s.  Ronald Reagan, el presidente de los EEUU paso seis años en ese cargo antes de decir ese nombre pequeño.  Entre entonces, gente gay, lesbica, bisexual y trans nos movilizamos para hacer el trabajo quel gobierno gringo no quería hacer.  Construimos un movimiento, pedacitos que quedan aun después quel capitalismo intento hacerlo hambiento para tragarse un pedacito de la torta de fondos.

It has taken lots and lots of time for those of us who were considered the most susceptible, aka, the epicenters classified as the typhoid marys, to take the specter of death off of sex and off our loving interactions with our lovers and partners.  So many have died for loving. Or for trying to find some relief in this hateful world.

La negación y la estigmatización aun existen en algunos de los lugares más impactados por este virus.  Hace tiempo que otras poblaciones vulnerables – en la majoridad, mujeres pobres de color, del sur del planeta, son el enfoque de esta enfermedad, pero no el de los fundos para combatirla.

Nos ha costado muchísimo tiempo, para los más apuntadxs, los epicentros clasificados, las marias tifoideas, para quitarnos el espectro de la muerte del sexo y de nuestras amorosas interaciones on nuestrx amantes y parejas.  Cuantxs han morido por amar.  O por el solo hecho de buscar un poco de alivio en este mundo lleno de odio.

Denial and stimatization still exists in some of the most impacted places by this virus.  It has been a while since other vulnerable populations – mostly poor women of color in the planetary south, are the focus of this disease, but not the funding to combat it.

Here are clips of a great documentary, don’t forget what hate does, and how our love and power wins, as we go this next round!  Aca unas cortes de un documentario bien chevere, para no olvidar lo que hace el odio, y como nuestro amor y poder gana, para esta ronda que viene!  Thanks/Gracias Dean Lance and Sarah Schulman!

Check them out on youtube, they wont upload, thanks google – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall, United in Anger/Chequelos videos en Youtube, google no los deja subir, gracias – A Hard Reign’s Gonna Fall, United in Anger

Resistance Yesterday, Today, Forever!/¡La Resistencia Se Da Ayer, Hoy y Siempre!

My dear friend Deshonay and I went to go see close-up the post-it walls of resistance at the Union Square train station, something I had not been able to do.  Then I went to a comedy fundraising event at the Decolonize this Space! spot in lower Manhattan for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock.

We are all still here, fighting for our lives and our creative spaces!

Mi querida amiga Deshonay y yo fuimos a ver las paredes de resistencia post-it en la estación de tren en Union Square, algo que no habido poder antes.  Y después, fui a un evento de comedia para recaudar fondos en el lugar, Decolonizar este Espacio! en el bajo de Manhattan para Lxs Protectorxs de Agua en Standing Rock.

¡Aqui estamos, luchando por nuestras vidas y nuestros espacios de creatividad!

¿La Paz en Colombia?/Peace in Colombia?!!


¿Llego la paz a Colombia?  Has peace really arrived in Colombia?  In this second stage of negociations, it appears so!  En esta segunda ronda de negociaciones, parace que si!

Sobre la primera ronda, quien vota contra la paz impulsadxs por la propaganda homofobíca, mentirosa y aterrorizadora de los sectores facistas en Colombia sobre una paz casi casi lograda?  Los medios, por mi visto, siempre han sido bien vendidos en Colombia, y aun el presidente de la familia de los medios no logro superar la propaganda derechista para que ganaría el no.

Referring to the first round, who votes against peace, driven by lying and terrifying homophobic propaganda by the fascist sectors in Colombia about a peace almost almost achieved?  The media, in my opinion, have always sold out in Colombia, and even the president of the family owners of some of those means couldn’t go beyond the rightist propaganda that won with the no.

Que lastima, pero hay una brecha en todo el mundo, para que los pueblos participen en su plenitud, algo que no pudieron mucho en las negociaciones excluyentes.  Sadly, there is a big divide throughout the world, between people and their participation in all of its fullness, something that wasn’t achieved in exclusionary negociations.

Time to read the new agreement and see.  Hora de leer los nuevos acuerdos a ver.

¡Los pueblos a las calles!  People flood the streets!  Nothing to lose but our chains/Nada más que perder que las cadenas atadoras!  ¡Gracias, Assata!  

In the NYC streets the day after another stolen election in ‘Murica/En las calles neoyorquinas el día después de otras eleciónes robadas en gringolandia

Check the math, Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won the popular vote.  Only the slave-owner initiative, the Electoral College says no.  Trump broke all the rules of civil political discourse in a liberal democracy, and still squeeked out an electoral college victory.  Um institutionalized racism, backlash against the Obama years, just say no to a dispossessing globalization.  Many reasons.  How will people’s movements respond?  Day one of the next 1460 in da streets!

Chequeé las calculaciones, Hillary Clinton rotundamente gano el voto popular.  Solo la iniciativa hecha por esclavistas, o sea, el colegio electoral dice que no.  Trump rompio con todas las reglas del discurso político civil en una democracia liberal, y todavia gano por poco en el colegio electoral.  Um, el racismo institucionalizado, una respuesta de odio contra los años de Obama, el decir el no a una globalización despojedora.  Muchas raziones.  Como responderan los movimientos de los pueblos?   Día uno de los proximos 1460 a las calles!

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